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The next step in performance. Utilizing the “Love Bump” and “Knuckle Box” for maximum edging power and comfort, coupled with an all-new high-tension heel rand and “Dark Spine” heel midsole, the Oracle gives the highest level of fit and control available on the market. Speed laces run through the FSS Heel Tensioner giving unparalleled support, locking the heel in to maximize power on any angle.

  • overhanging
  • downcambered downturned toe
  • highly asymmetric
  • toe hooking
  • edging
  • trax rubber
  • vtr3d
  • sharma

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Reviewed by djpage

djpage bought "ORACLE" on our website
01/29/2018 - 06:52:32 AM
Most comfortable aggressive shoe available

I bought the Oracle as they were first released as I prefer lace up shoes over Velcro. I have always found that the laces help shoes fit my odd shapes foot in ways that Velcro can't. Not only did the Oracle not disappoint but it far exceeded my expectations.

I have worn them on 4 separate occasions now and the performance has continued to leave me pleasantly shocked and awed. After reading that the toe (love bump and knuckle box) were the same as the Shamans I was expecting to get a Shaman with a different heel/midsole and closure system; but it doesn't even feel like that same toe. The edging is just as powerful but it is way more sensitive. They are good at feeling out small edges and micro bumps and stiff enough to stand up on them. I was expecting good performance on overhanging terrain and face climbing but they even tackled hard slab with practically non-existant footholds with an unexpected degree of ease.

I was most excited about the FSS heel upon hearing about that. It works well, the heel is snug to my foot in a way I have found no other shoe I have worn to be; there was none of the dead space I have come to expect in a climbing shoe and it didn't move or shift on aggressive heelhooks.

At $175 the price tag is similar to other top of the line aggressive performance shoes on the market but after wearing the Oracle it feels like you are getting so much more for your money.

I sized the same as my pair of Shamans and they fit snuggly and comfortably.