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A slipper built for all climbers and for all terrain; the local gyms, Joshua Tree slabs and Indian Creek cracks. The Addict's asymmetrical shape and low toe profile accommodates all abilities. Beginner to intermediate climbers will fit these with a more relaxed toe curl. Advanced climbers may down size a bit for increased toe power.

  • all around
  • flat profile
  • semi symmetric
  • cracks
  • smearing
  • trax rubber
  • vtr3d

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Reviewed by rlgarn0
02/23/2016 - 10:10:28 AM

Great all round shoe

I use this shoe for 90% of my climbing. The shoe breaks in, well stretching to a comfortable tight fit. My street shoe is a 10.5 I sized down to a 9. I have a really low volume foot most people will only have to size down 1 whole size for a curled toe fit. The shoe is great it just works. It's really easy to get on and off. I can stand to keep them on for a while if I have to. I can't do that with my other shoes. I usually switch to a more aggressive shoe for really steep overhanging climbs or bouldering, but these can hold their own on that terrain too. I have never felt held back by wearing this shoe. It's the best shoe at its price for sure.

Reviewed by Cheyeah

Cheyeah bought "ADDICT" on our website
09/18/2015 - 11:10:00 AM
Best thin crack shoe available

Over the last few years I've climbed in 5.10 moccasyms, Sportiva mythos, Scarpa technos, and Red Chili's Nachos. I'm now on my fourth pair of addicts. they are more comfortable, and jam a thin crack better than anything i've ever used, with the exception of the now discontinued supermocc.
Five stars to the best crack shoe on the market.

Reviewed by RadTrad

RadTrad bought "ADDICT" on our website
03/09/2015 - 05:52:55 PM

I use these as the perfect training shoe, I've crack climbed in these, bouldered and sport climbed. I tend to save them for training sessions for the ease of on and off and the comfort. They've helped me send 5.12 and V7. The comfort is probably the best thing about these shoes, I can wear them all day on a big multi pitch and never feel the aching pain of my toes being crammed in a shoe.

I would recommend them as a training shoe/comfort shoe.

Reviewed by Mgumber
10/14/2014 - 12:08:35 AM

All Rounder

Bought Addicts street size after gym demo. I like a slipper to strengthen my feet, plus easy off when my partner projects. Purchased for superior heel to Mocc, comfy toe box/wide fit and durability. After a month of (3-4 day/wk mixed sport and boulder) gym sessions they hold up well and save wear on the big $$$ kicks. Haven't been outside yet but I anticipate good things. Great on the smears, sensitive toe hooks, coverage on big toe when dragging or arete. Heel is good but be realistic, it's a slipper. Actually my heel hook technique has IMPROVED because I have to place thoughtfully to keep the shoe on. Since I ordered the gym started stocking these, not surprised.

Reviewed by sewers9

sewers9 bought "ADDICT" on our website
05/24/2014 - 01:24:52 PM
Love em

I was bummed that the Kaos II was no longer being made and I thought that there would be a giant hole in my quiver. Then I got the Addicts. They are amazing. They are wicked comfortable, as climbing shoes go, and perfect for gym and rock. Easy to get on and off, won't kill your feet with a long session, and perform better than I could ask for a slipper. The heels are fine for easy hooking, but not super aggressive in that matter.
All in all, a fantastic shoe that filled that need in my shoes and will be around as long as they are made.

Reviewed by joe.maier

joe.maier bought "ADDICT" on our website
01/30/2014 - 11:38:32 AM
I love the Addicts

I've been wearing these shoes probably more than any other because of the ease of getting them on and comfort. They work best for slab and vertical, but for more gymnastic climbing they toe hook great. They are comparable to the moccasins, although the heel on the addicts feel way better and I thought the shoe was generally a better fit for my foot.